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About #AllowDebate

Allow Debate is a grassroots group of volunteer Democrats and Independents that does not endorse any specific candidate. We are pushing for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to drop the unprecedented, undemocratic exclusion rule which bans candidates from participating in any debates other than the 6 sanctioned by the DNC.

Allowing all candidates to extensively debate the issues provides the public with clear and comparative information to help inform the upcoming primary vote. There are several critical reasons why we demand the DNC allow debates:

  • Debates enable candidates to bring their message and viewpoints to the general public.
  • More debates will allow the strongest candidate to emerge from the Democratic Party.
  • More debates will give candidates more opportunities to improve their platform and will help them prepare for the general debates.
  • Earlier debates will allow voters in New York the chance to see a debate before they must register for primary voting (currently, primary voting registration ends October 9th; the first debate is scheduled October 13th).
  • More debates will allow voters from early primary states to see more than 4 debates before they must choose a candidate. 
  • More debates will allow Democratic candidates to respond to the absurd ideas and fallacies espoused by Republican candidates.
  • More debates will enable the Democrats to frame the issues as the general election approaches. 

It is imperative that the Democratic National Committee lift the exclusivity clause for Democratic candidates. If the debate schedule remains unchanged, the Democratic Party will lose momentum, votes, and possibly the White House.